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God First, PERIOD!

January 23, 2018

"You shall have no other gods before me."  - Exodus 20:3 ESV 


Along with pastoring Awaken Church, I teach fifth grade at a Christian school.  Our favorite time of the day is undoubtedly Bible time.  The students love to hear the stories of the Old Testament and how God was with the people.  Even when they


sinned...and the Israelites sinned A LOT, he was with them and cared for His people.  


The Israelites sin of choice, per say, was idols.  An idol is ANYTHING placed ahead of God.  Throughout scripture we read of how they put anything and everything before Him.  They sought fulfillment in their possessions, in their want for power (often times comparing themselves to other people and kingdoms), and in their relationships outside of God.  


In class we recently read the story of Samuel, the last judge of the Old Testament, and how he tried desperately to convince the people that they didn't need a king.  God was all they needed.  He would provide for them.  But, as was the pattern of the Israelites, they rejected his advice and Saul was appointed king.  Again, earthly desire and possession ruled over their hearts rather than placing God at the center of their life.  


How many times do we do that in our life?  We seek fulfillment in anything and everything except God.  Let me challenge you today to put God first.  Put him first in your daily walk, in your relationships, at your job, and in the times when no one is watching.  Make God a priority!  Spend time with Him!  Talk to him...even when you don't know what to say.  Consider...


1. Begin your day in prayer.  Already hours into the grind...stop now and pray and thank God for the day. 

2. Stop multitasking.  Give God your best and allow Him to lead you one step at a time. 

3. Put down the cell phone.  Put it down, take a deep breath, and remember how beautiful life is.  The real, not copied, pictures of nature, faces, and the wonders of God's hand.  

4. Set goals.  Make God the first and last goal and allow him to work in between. 

5. Share Jesus with everyone you meet.  Share Him with your words, by your actions, or a friendly smile. 


God knows we get distracted by the busyness of life and the objects of this world.  But our time with Him is important.  Make it a priority.  Put God first! 


Pastor Joe 

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