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Be Filled with the Holy Spirit and Rise High

September 19, 2018

I posted this devotion to Facebook on Tuesday, September 18th.  Some requested that I post it to our blog as well as some are not connected to our church Facebook page.  I pray God speaks to you through the devotion and you are blessed. 


Today's devotion and study comes from 2 Corinthians 5:17. It says, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away: behold, the new has come".


This morning I was privileged to speak at Candlelight's Elementary Chapel Service. We talked about what we love about parties. I mean, who doesn't love a good, clean party? Parties bring good friends together, there is usually games, music, presents, and CAKE! What's not to love! :) In addition, there are balloons.


My daughter loves balloons. She likes the ones filled with helium. My oldest son on the other hand, likes the ones not filled with anything. He loves to blow them up and let them deflate wildly in the wind. Did you ever consider how a balloon represents our walk with the Lord?


A deflated balloon represents a life without Christ. It is without movement, lacks purpose, and is going nowhere. Now we, as humans often do, try to make ourselves into something by filling ourselves with our own ambitions, desires, and wants. Eventually though, as great as life may seem, something comes along and "pops" our joy or life gets complicated (we get frustrated trying to do it on our own) and our life (the filled balloon) is let free to go in all sorts of directions. And there be are, back at the bottom, on the floor, deflated and useless.


Now this isn't to say that any life is useless but that trying to live for your own, apart from Christ, is. We were not called to live this life alone. We were called to have unity with God through Jesus Christ. This is where the helium filled balloon comes in. The helium represents the Holy Spirit filling us with God's strength, mercy, and grace. His love "raises us up" above what we can see or do and gives our life potential.


Occasionally though our filled, high flying life gets a bit of bad news, a troubled wind comes, or someone tries to pop and steal our joy. When this happens it is important for us to restore our joy by communicating with the Father (prayer) and by reading His Word, the Bible. Other spiritual disciples, such as worship, Christian fellowship, devotions, study, service, helping others, and fasting are also ways to refill our Spirits and keep our balloon sailing high.


Final point is this...remember that a filled balloon, one filled with the Spirit isn't any good kept tied to a string for all to see. It is much more useful, displays much more beauty and more purpose, when it is given to others to enjoy.


Share your faith today with someone. It could be a simple word, an encouraging text or Facebook message, or a hand written note. Encourage those around you to know the Lord and to rest in His presence. Do something for the Lord. Let your Spirit-filled balloon sail high and remain standing as we put our hope and promise in the Lord.


Scripture readings for today is Galatians 5:16-26 ESV. Read, reflect, and share on here and with others what you learned. Remember to keep it simple and pray that God would reveal what He wants you to know and apply into your life.

Everyone has a droopy balloon from time to time. Let's work together to encourage one another in our walk and to help hold each other up when we are down.

Be filled today with the Spirit of the Lord!

Pastor Joe

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